Finding Your Comfort

Firm, Plush and Pillow Top Mattresses Near Sonoma County

The feeling you get when you first lie down on a mattress comes from the foams and fibers used in the comfort layers above the innerspring or foam support system. Most mattresses include a combination of special fibers and responsive, body-conforming foams to ease pressure points along the body. These mattress comfort layers reduce tossing and turning promoting a better night’s sleep.

The comfort layers vary from one mattress to another. They are often referred to as the “firmness” of a mattress – ranging from Extra Firm (the hardest) to Pillow Top (the softest). Remember – the comfort layers provide the feel of a mattress, not the support. You may have heard that you need a “firm” mattress if you suffer from back pain. In reality, you need a mattress with a supportive innerspring or foam support system that provides proper spinal alignment.

Extra Firm

Extra Firm mattresses contain a firm coil system with compressed, firm upholstery layers. Extra Firm could be a good choice for sleepers who often lie on their backs.


A Firm mattress usually has a thin upholstery layer of soft foam that cushions the top of the mattress, while the remaining upholstery is firmer foam to create a solid, structured comfort-feel. Firm mattresses could be a good choice for those who sleep primarily on their back, as well as stomach sleepers.


Plush mattresses are soft with thicker upholstery layers for a forgiving initial feel to the mattress. Plush mattresses are great for side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers should look for moderate plushness and plenty of support for the spine.

Extra Plush

Extra Plush is among the softest variety of mattress with thick upholstery layers of softer materials, and varying levels of inner foam firmness and comforting support. Extra Plush is like a plush, but with thicker upholstery layering giving it more of a pillow top appearance. Side sleepers may want to consider an Extra Plush mattress, as it will take pressure off your shoulders and hips, and allow for adequate circulation in your shoulders and arms.

Pillow Top

Pillow Tops are traditionally among the softest mattresses available, but contrary to popular belief they come in a variety of comfort levels. Pillow Tops are easily distinguished by the lofty padding on top, adding height, softness, and fine-tuning the comfort of the sleeping surface. Back and side sleepers will enjoy the benefits of a Pillow Top, such as pressure-relieving comfort for achy shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and backs. Stomach sleepers should consider a firmer mattress to help align their spines while they sleep.

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